Wendy’s Military Discount Promotion: Up to 10% off

I find that Wendy’s is a great fast food location, their fresh but never frozen beef patties allow them to stand out of the crowd along with a great value menu option. Military members can further benefit from this deal by receiving a 10% off discount.

Wendy’s supports their troops by giving them a quality fast food experience. I find that whenever I go down to Wendy’s I find their beef patties and salads to be fresher than other fast food joints. If you are looking for quality fast food that is hard to find these days I recommend dropping by Wendy’s.

Make sure to call your local Wendy’s, each store is different and may offer different military discounts. When you show up all you have to do to qualify is present your military ID when you dine. Now sit back and enjoy a piping hot Baconator or home style chicken sandwich.

Wendy’s Military Discount Promotion

  • Discount: 10% off
  • Eligibility: Servicemen and Servicewomen who are serving or have serve in the Military.
  • Availability: Nationwide (Locator), in-store only
  • What To Do: Present your military ID at checkout.

Bottom Line

If you are a military member that is sick of the normal fast food joints Wendy’s gives not only a more quality experience but gives a discount of 10% off your order.  Don’t worry this discount applies at any time, just be sure to show your military ID to be able to get this awesome discount.

What I love about Wendy’s besides their quality options, is that their value menu gives some of the best deals, they can act as great additions to your meal or add up for a great cheap meal.

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