Military Deals

Military Members, Veterans and their families can save thousands each year with these amazing benefits and discounts!

Over the past few months we’ve compiled a list with the most liked and sought-after benefits and discounts – some offer big discounts others even free products and services to both active and retired military personnel and their families! Some of these benefits are well known but most are not widely publicized and thus not known by too many.


Got a VA rating? You can get a free lifetime National Parks Pass

A little-known benefit from the Interior Department gives military veterans with any disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs a free lifetime pass to national parks and other recreation areas, as well as discounts on some fees.

The lifetime Access Pass is advertised as available to those who “have been medically determined to have a permanent disability … does not have to be a 100 percent disability.” - A National Parks official confirmed that any veteran with a disability rating from the VA should be able to access it.
“If a veteran has [a] disability paper that states they have a 10 percent disability, etc., the ranger would accept it,” Kathy Kupper, a National Parks spokesperson, said in an email.

Veterans who have been medically determined to have a disability are eligible for the Lifetime Access Pass—with three options for obtaining the pass:

  1. Order the Access Pass online
  2. Obtain the pass through mail by filling out a paper application form
  3. Visit a participating federal recreation site where interagency passes are issued


Is SGLI really enough and your family provided for? Rest easy knowing your loved ones are protected with an additional $500,000 payout!

We all know, the $400k SGLI/VGLI payout is just not enough for your family, especially if you’ve just moved into a new home or want to make sure your kids can go to college with the ever-rising cost of higher education! Many try to find a good additional policy BUT finding affordable life insurance can be a hassle and there are a lot of pitfalls for our Servicemembers (such as “no war” clauses) although that shouldn’t be the case! Some insurers won’t even offer policies to Servicemembers!

Luckily, we’ve found one to partner up with that offers an additional $500,000 for as little as $1/day with no hidden clauses or fees, no medical exams and no long waiting times. They have improved their entire process by using smart tech and algorithms – no waiting months for a quote or damaging your credit score just by getting a quote! Fill out a short form that won’t take you more than 3 minutes to get in touch with a professional consultant and instantly receive a quote!


All U.S. Servicemembers & Veterans who served between 2003 – 2015 and suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus might be entitled to significant financial compensation!

3M knowingly sold the dangerous and defective earplugs CAEv2 (Combat Arms Earplugs) to the U.S. military for more than a decade and paid $9.1 million to the government to resolve DoD’s allegations!

If you suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus and have served between 2003 - 2015, we believe you should be compensated for it as 3M has knowingly provided you with defective earplugs and exposed you to dangerous sound levels while you were relying on them to keep you save! To save you the time of endlessly researching for a lawyer that won’t charge you an arm and a leg we’ve partnered up with a nation-wide law group to get servicemembers a completely free of charge and no strings attached consultation!


Servicemembers & Veterans can claim ADT‘s Super Hero Savings - $850 worth of Security Equipment for $0 and a free $100 Visa Gift Card!

As crime rates are rising everyone needs to be more aware of their surroundings. As a (former) Servicemember we know you are but who takes care of your home while you’re away? ADT offers the #1 solution for Home Security in the US with burglary protection, video surveillance and home automation – all from your phone with a swipe of your finger so you can enjoy a day out!

We’ve worked out an amazing deal with them for you! Get $850 worth of Security Equipment for $0 so you do not have to invest a penny into all the needed gear! And if you do need something else, they even throw in a $100 Visa Gift Card – all that with a custom surveillance plan starting at only $1/day. But what if you don’t like it? They’ve got you covered – with a 6-month money back guarantee! All their security experts are trained, have been background checked and are certified so no worrying opening yourself up to strangers that are up to no good!


Servicemember & Veteran Restaurant Discounts

Everyone deserves to enjoy the food they love, and some chains offer discounts not only for active members but also Veterans. Make sure to check in with the restaurant if they participate and what discounts they offer. Also do not forget to bring your Military/Veteran ID.

  • Cinnabon: 15% off at participating locations
  • Burger King: 10% off at participating locations
  • Omaha Steaks: 10% off if you’re part of their Veteran program
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: 10% off at participating locations
  • Chick-fil-A: 10% off at participating locations
  • Texas Steakhouse: 10% off at participating locations
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.: 10% off at participating locations
  • Hooters: Free Meal for Military & Veterans on Memorial Day
  • Greene Turtle: 15% off at participating locations
  • Dairy Queen: Up to 50% off
  • El Pollo Loco: 15% discount to police officers, firefighters, EMTs, federal law enforcement agents and military personnel
  • Hard Rock Café: 15% discount on all food, beverage (non-alcoholic) and retail purchases
  • 99 Restaurants: 10% discount everyday at participating locations
  • Café Rio: Tuesday – Sunday 25% military discount nationwide
  • Arby’s: 10% military discount at participating locations
  • Ben & Jerry’s: 15% - 25% discount depending on the shop
  • Panda Express: 10% off, discount varies, at participating locations
  • Sonic Drive-In: 10% discount at participating locations


New 2020 rule for Military & Veteran Drivers! Cut your rates in half and find rates as low as $36/mo!

For years insurance rates have only been going up and up, BUT starting this year 2020 rates can be cut down. Most military personnel are shocked to find out how much they can save by simply switching to a new 2020 policy!

Most insurance companies and brokers will not tell you this because they are getting paid on commission and want you to keep paying high rates but if you live in a qualified zip code and had no DUI in the last 2 years you might be eligible for a huge discount on your current rate! In our self-test we were able to lower our rate from almost $120 to only $40 with the same coverage!


Military Members and Veterans – Don’t get knocked out by Home Repairs!

Imagine this: You spend years abroad while being deployed. Now, after a few years back home, you have enjoyed your very well-deserved time at home but suddenly your refrigerator doesn’t work anymore, or your furnace broke down. These issues would cost thousands to fix. You shouldn’t have to be dealing with these issues, but your insurance won’t cover these things…

Most new homes come with a home warranty plan (for 1 or 2 years) that cover everything from appliance failures to furnace breakdowns and electrical issues – exactly what insurance plans do not cover. What a lot of people still don’t know is you can get such a warranty even 20 years after you bought a home!

This Warranty covers many things that your insurance won’t cover and can help protect against unforeseen costs for home repairs thus saving you your hard earned money that’s better invested in your family!


Stop struggling with your debt and get debt free within months!

Medical expenses, relocation, an unexpected unemployment or simply a visit from good old uncle Murphy – there are a lot of reasons why upstanding citizens and especially Veterans, Servicemembers and their families can find themselves in a situation where they had to accumulate an insane amount of debt.

Many find themselves in a vicious cycle of minimum payments that barely cover the interest

Fortunately, the team of Freedom Debt Relief – who employ a lot of Military Members from all branches - help Servicemembers and Veterans getting out of this downward spiral by consolidating all their owed debt into a single, affordable monthly payment and an overall reduction of the amount owed! With the negotiating power of billions in settled debt and hundreds of thousands of clients they work directly with your creditors to settle a debt for considerably less!

Stop worrying about your financial future. It’s true, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you peace of mind and will make you more relaxed. To find out if you qualify simply click on the button and answer a few questions about your debt and financial situation. Stop struggling with your debt and find out how you can tackle it for good - all consultation is completely free and comes with no strings attached!


Veteran and Military Discounts on Auto Sales!

Are you thinking about buying a new car but overwhelmed by the cost? Many automakers want to show their appreciation for military families by offering special pricing on their vehicles. Whether you’re returning after an overseas tour or you’re just ready for a new car, make sure to take advantage of the military discounts offered by a variety of automakers, both stateside and abroad. As always check in with your local branch and ask for any offered discounts.

  • Ford: Ford Motor Company offers military members and their families a $500 Bonus Cash. The offer is good toward the purchase or lease of an eligible new Ford or Lincoln vehicle.
  • General Motors: The General Motors Military Discount Program provides eligible participants with the opportunity to purchase or lease new or unused Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles at a special price at a participating dealer. Many new and unused 2019 and 2018 GM cars, SUVs, crossovers, midsize, pickup trucks and passenger and cargo vans are eligible.
  • Harley Davidson: Harley Davidson offers a military discount that includes no down payment, reduced rates and flexible term options designed for active duty military personnel.
  • Honda: The Honda Military Appreciation Offer gets you a savings of $500 towards any 2017 or newer Honda vehicle when you finance or lease with Honda Financial Services.
  • Hyundai: All active duty, Reservist/National Guard, veteran and retired military personnel will receive an additional $500 off new Hyundai vehicles distributed by Hyundai Motor America.
  • Nissan: The exclusive Nissan Military Program helps you save between $500 and $1,000 and can be combined with all current national and regional incentives. Offer is valid active duty military, Reservist, retired military and veterans within 12 months of active duty.
  • Subaru: Subaru offers a special discount to active-duty and reserve members, as well as veterans and retirees within 12 months of your date of separation. Once you negotiate your best price with a Subaru retailer, you’ll receive an additional discount of $500. In addition, your price will be further reduced by any applicable zone or regional cash incentives in effect at the time of purchase.
  • Toyota: Active duty military, inactive reservists, retirees, veterans discharged within one year, and household members qualify for a $1,000 rebate on eligible Toyota vehicles.

Bonus: Are you or someone you know stationed overseas? There are several programs available to help you purchase a discounted vehicle while you’re abroad.

  • BMW: BMW Military Sales is a privilege program designed specifically for US service personnel overseas. This program includes significant savings with military discounts and tax-free purchasing.
  • Volvo: Volvo Cars Military Sales offers great benefits for military personnel on a tour overseas, including delivery options, five years free shipping from Europe to the U.S, three years free servicing, four year warranty world-wide, and more.


Poorly maintained gutters are one of the most common reasons why your home rots away without you knowing!

As you probably already know - maintaining gutters is the most important thing you can do to prevent water damage to your home and thus preventing mold growing into a serious problem! But cleaning them is not only a dirty but also dangerous and tedious task.

Fortunately, Servicemembers & Veterans can claim LeafFilter’s spring offer for their patented & award-winning permanent solution to prevent clogged gutters in addition to their 10% year-round military discount! This means you get 10% + 10% + $100 Off – in addition, they’ll throw in a transferable lifetime warranty for your peace of mind!


Veterans Can Save Up To $40,000 on their Mortgage

One of the many perks of being a veteran is access to benefits that are otherwise unavailable to civilians. Unknown to many active duty and former military members are some amazing government refinance programs available to them through their VA/GI Bill benefits which can help them save money on their existing house payments.

Currently, Congress’ mortgage relief program can lower veteran homeowner payments by as much as $3,252 per year!

The bad news? This program is very temporary, as the banks want it eliminated as soon as possible. The good news is that once you match with a lender you're in for good.


Apple Military Discount

Apple Statement: “At Apple we are deeply grateful to the men and women of our armed forces. We’re proud to offer active military and veterans a new dedicated online store with special pricing as an expression of our gratitude for their brave service.”

The Apple Military Discount is a program provided by Apple for active duty, veterans, U.S. Military, National Guard and Reserve and the family members who reside in the same household. The Apple military discount is 10% on most products. Visit the Apple Military Discount Website or visit and order from any U.S. Apple retail store, at an online kiosk. You can go to and scroll to the bottom to click on “Shop for Veterans & Military” under the “Government” heading. If you cannot find the information you need online, you may contact the Apple Store Contact Center team at 1-800-MY-APPLE.

The Veterans and Military Purchase Program (“Program”) is a benefit provided by Apple Inc. (“Apple”) to current, and Veteran members of the U.S. Military, National Guard and Reserve. The Program is also offered to their immediate family members who also reside in their same household. This Program is intended for personal use only.


New Program allows Americans to legally ditch their unfair timeshare contracts!

Getting into a timeshare is easy. Getting out isn’t – at least that is how it used to be! Right now, Americans are facing an unprecedented crisis unlike any other we’ve seen in our lifetime. Latest reports show, over 16 million people have already lost their job in the past weeks – many are faced with financial or medical hardships. They have also lost their freedom to travel, including their ability to use their timeshare (IF they’re happy with it that is).

Many have resorted to hiring an attorney to get out of those unfair timeshare contracts they got stuck with in the past but timeshare companies try their best to drag out the process for as long as they can. First, they’ll offer various “alternatives” that would let them keep your money for about 3 months and then it takes roughly 9-10 months to get your money back – this way you’re in for a bumpy year with them.

Fortunately, there is a program that helps you sell or rent your timeshare today! No more pre-paying for vacations that you may not even use (or can’t use) – simply get in touch with them for a completely free and no obligations consultation!


Boost Your Retirement with a Reverse Mortgage

More than 1 million Americans have used a reverse mortgage as a valuable addition to their overall retirement!

With the flexibility that a reverse mortgage provides, you can live your retirement with more certainty, confidence and control. Use yours to supplement your existing income, pay off overdue bills, repair or remodel your home, build a financial safety net, cover in-home medical costs, or even take that trip you've been wanting to go on. There are many options from which you can choose to put the money to work or play!


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