Vermont offers various benefits for veterans. On this page, you’ll find a concise overview of each of these benefits.

Vermont Veterans Home

The veterans home in Bennington, operated by the state of Vermont, prioritizes admission for Vermont veterans, while veterans from other states are encouraged to apply. Eligibility criteria include an honorable discharge and a minimum of 90 days of service. Additionally, Gold Star parents and spouses of qualified veterans are eligible for admission.

Veterans without Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance are responsible for covering their care costs. However, the facility’s staff assists in maximizing available insurance benefits for eligible individuals.

Vermont Veteran Financial Benefits

Income Tax

Active duty pay received while stationed out-of-state is exempt from taxes.

Guard and reserve pay up to $2,000 is tax-free, subject to income limits.

Starting in 2022, retirement income up to $10,000 is tax-free for individuals with a gross income below $50,000 for single filers or $65,000 for joint filers.

Emergency Financial Assistance

The Vermont State Veterans Affairs offers emergency financial assistance to veterans and their dependents through a one-time payment. Applications can be completed over the phone or in person. Applicants are required to provide comprehensive details regarding their income and expenses when applying.

Property Tax Reduction

The following individuals are eligible for the exemption:

  • Veterans receiving VA disability compensation of at least 50%
  • Veterans receiving VA pension
  • Veterans collecting military medical retirement pay
  • Surviving spouses of veterans who had received the exemption

The exemption amount varies by town but is typically at least $10,000 deducted from the appraised value.

Vermont Veteran Employment Benefits

State Employment

Veterans applying for state jobs in Vermont receive a five-point increase in their employment test score, while disabled veterans receive ten points. An honorable discharge is required for eligibility. Surviving spouses can also benefit from this preference.

Eligible veterans are also able to apply for positions typically reserved for current state employees.

Vermont CDL Military Skills Test Waiver

Service members with a military Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) who have operated a commercial vehicle within the past 12 months may be eligible to have their skills test waived when applying for a civilian CDL.

Vermont Veteran Recreation Benefits

Disabled Veteran Hunting & Fishing License

Veterans with a VA Service Connected Disability rating of 60% or higher are eligible to receive a complimentary lifetime hunting and fishing license.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Non-Resident Veterans

Non-resident veterans residing in a state that offers reciprocal privileges for Vermont residents and who would meet the criteria for a free license under the disabled veteran provision, if they were Vermont residents, are eligible to receive a complimentary one-year fishing, hunting, or combination hunting and fishing license.

Active Duty Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Active duty members can obtain complimentary fishing and hunting licenses by completing paperwork confirming their active duty status.

Non-residents serving on active duty in Vermont are eligible to purchase hunting and fishing licenses at the resident rate.

Green Mountain Passport

Vermont veterans have the option to obtain the Green Mountain Passport for a nominal fee of $2. Those with a VA disability rating of 60% or higher are eligible to receive it free of charge.

Vermont State Veterans Cemetery

The Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery, situated in Randolph Center, provides burial eligibility for veterans, their spouses, and unmarried minor children, as well as National Guard and Reserve members with 20 years of service.

Veterans’ burials incur no cost, while a modest fee applies for the interment of dependents.

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